pattypan, pattypan–what shall I do with you?

The garden is thriving (yay!)–we’ve gotten five zucchinis this week, one head of cabbage, and our tomato plants are hanging heavy with beautiful green tomatoes.

Our white pattypan squash plant experienced a major growth spurt; we picked two of these crazy-looking veggies today, and there are at least a dozen more underway.

The only thing is, I’m really not sure what to do with these.  I don’t think I’ve ever even *eaten* one before.  My first instinct is stuff them–I did a little googling and that certainly looks like a good possibility.  But I wonder, if I wanted to grill them or saute them, how do I cut them?  Wedges? Rounds?  Might just call for a little culinary experimentation, and from the looks of the plant, no pressure because there really are *plenty* more where these came from.  Stay tuned for the exciting outcome of my pattypan initiation!

On another garden note, hubbie started our bean seeds a few days ago, and they have really taken off.  Is this late to be starting beans?  I’m not sure, but our garden rotation plan called for them to go in when the cauliflower came out, so we’ll hope for the best either way.

Look at them go–reach for the sky little beans!