Hello world!

Gosh, first blog post, how exciting!  I feel like I should have started this site ages ago; it will be great to have all my sewing projects, kitchen adventures and garden milestones documented in one spot.

I’m on summer break right now from my graphic design program, and having not yet scored an internship, I have a lot of free time for crafting.  I have lofty sewing plans for the summer, lots and lots of little girl clothing for gifts, machine quilting my very first quilt and FINALLY getting around to sewing some clothes for myself.

It really is the first of those thats holding my interest most just now, as a lot of the little girls I’m blessed to have in my life have birthdays in the summer.  There’s the brand-new daughter of my super-good friend, born just this past Sunday (eeks!), my niece E mid-June, my goddaughter S at the end of June, my almost niece G (my only cousin’s daughter) at the end of August and another brand-new baby (sex unknown), due on G’s birthday, destined to be another godchild.  Whew!  But I’m totally loving it–sewing for little kids is SOOO fun, everything’s tiny and cute and sews up in half the time with 1/4 the fabric of a project for me.

I’ll be detailing my future projects here, and might revisit a few of the best I’ve already finished.  Stay tuned!