Mini fabric bolts make me happy

When I moved my sewing area from the basement to an upstairs bedroom a year ago, I had been diligent about organizing most of my fabric by winding it into ‘mini-bolts’ using comic book archiving boards (I use the ‘magazine’ size ones which are 8.5×11, about $10 for 100pk at the local comic book store). HOWEVER, I still had four huge plastic tubs of fabric stowed away under my cutting table, and a giant cardboard box of knit fabric living at the end of the table in a very ‘i dare you to stub your toe on my every time you move’ kind of fashion.  For some reason I decided about 9pm on Monday that it was time to get these renegade fabrics into the ‘official’ stash.

I only had about 30 or 40 boards left, so I deviated from my previous method of using 2 boards per bolt and just used one.  This works *okay* but two definitely lend more stability. I find wrapping these mini-bolts is kind of addictive–I just couldn’t stop once I got started! The perfect thing to do while streaming an entire season of say, Doctor Who on Netflix (oh yes, I’m not just crafty I am also a total geek!).  Here is a peek into the closet, replete with 35 newly wrapped fabric bolts:

I also took this as an opportunity to reorganize my shelves; I manged to fit all my bottom-weights on the lowest shelf, flannel and other specialty cottons on the next, quilting and shirting cotton above that, and all my silky/polyester/chiffon fabrics on top (note you can’t see that row in my picture).  I had always felt almost giddily happy when staring into my ‘fabric-shop’ closet, but it’s even better now!  I took this picture at kind of a funny angle–there is even more fabric-goodness hiding behind the right closet door–another good 12″ or so of mini-bolts.

I was then able to use my newly liberated plastic tubs to organize all those pesky ‘unfoldable’ knits; I sat my tub on its side, rolled/smooshed my pieces of knit into the neatest little packages I could manage, and stacked them up in the tub.  These tubs will then live on the floor of the fabric closet, and this method is so much better than just throwing them all in the tub on top of each other, because now I can see each and every piece of fabric!

This frenzy of fabric organizing has really gotten me in the mood to finish cleaning up my sewing room–actually putting away all the little bits/pieces/tools/scraps instead of just piling them in out of the way places.  And I promise when I do, I will take some pictures of my whole sewing room to share!