pattypan, pattypan–what shall I do with you?

The garden is thriving (yay!)–we’ve gotten five zucchinis this week, one head of cabbage, and our tomato plants are hanging heavy with beautiful green tomatoes.

Our white pattypan squash plant experienced a major growth spurt; we picked two of these crazy-looking veggies today, and there are at least a dozen more underway.

The only thing is, I’m really not sure what to do with these.  I don’t think I’ve ever even *eaten* one before.  My first instinct is stuff them–I did a little googling and that certainly looks like a good possibility.  But I wonder, if I wanted to grill them or saute them, how do I cut them?  Wedges? Rounds?  Might just call for a little culinary experimentation, and from the looks of the plant, no pressure because there really are *plenty* more where these came from.  Stay tuned for the exciting outcome of my pattypan initiation!

On another garden note, hubbie started our bean seeds a few days ago, and they have really taken off.  Is this late to be starting beans?  I’m not sure, but our garden rotation plan called for them to go in when the cauliflower came out, so we’ll hope for the best either way.

Look at them go–reach for the sky little beans!


How does your garden grow…

My husband and I have done a small garden for the last two years, just tomatoes and summer squash and cucumbers.  This year, we decided to get a little more serious about this whole gardening thing, expanding our selection of veggies and starting our plants from seed.  I have to admit, my husband does more of the gardening work than I do, and overall it’s a little more of his hobby than mine, but I help when I can!  Look at this awesome light box he made for our seed starting:

He mounted a fluorescent shop light on the underside of the tray top, and made the sides adjustable.  Worked a treat!  We will definitely be sprouting seeds again next year.

We started our cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant and leaf lettuce inside in early March; when those plants went outside we started our tomatoes, peppers and squash. Radishes, turnips, cucumber and romaine lettuce got sown directly in the garden.

So far, we’ve had lots and lots of leaf lettuce out of the garden, six heads of broccoli, the dozen or so radishes we planted, one zucchini and one lovely turnip!  And FINALLY after weeks of saying ‘um, is this going to grow something other than giant leaves?’, we have teeny cauliflower heads forming!  Hurray!  Sad news though is that we’re battling off the dreaded cabbage worms, so there’s been lots of worm hunting and squishing going on. Ew. [I found zillions of the little cabbage worm eggs in our cabbages last night, which grossed me out even more–I think we got most of them out of the plants, we’ll see].

The early hot weather we’ve been having seems to really be spurring on the summer plants like squash, I don’t recall getting zucchini this early in previous years.  Look at this little guy I found hiding in there last week:

It is SUCH an amazing feeling to eat food out of your own garden!  It’s so darn exciting to walk up to the garden every night and see what’s growing.  We have four 4’x8′ beds right now, which seems to be barely enough at this point for the variety of stuff we’re trying to grow.  My husband is planning to build two more beds for next year, so we can have room to grow more of the things we liked and grew well, like broccoli and radishes, and maybe add some new crops like onions, peas and beans.  I can’t wait!